Started as a townball club in the days of the Civil War, the Buckeye Base Ball Club predated their famous rivals, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, by a little more than a year. Yet, they were all but forgotten to history as the Red Stockings became the nation’s first all-professional base ball club and made Cincinnati a one-team town.

Today, the Cincinnati Buckeyes have returned to play the great game of base ball, with the hopes of educating folks on base ball's earliest days as well as entertaining baseball fans young and old. Their home field is at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods Park - a beautiful collection of houses and other structures from the Civil War era. Here at home, the game is played as faithfully as possible to 1869 rules and customs - barehanded fielding, uniforms and equipment generally made to the standards of the day, no leagues or champions, and much more. It is played by gentlemen with a true respect and appreciation for the game and its participants... the way baseball was meant to be played.

The Buckeyes also travel across the Midwest to play other vintage clubs in various historical venues. Most vintage base ball is played by earlier rules, as it was played during the Civil War. This makes Heritage Village one of the very few places in the world where you can see base ball as the famous Cincinnati Red Stockings played it that fateful year of 1869.

We ask you to come out to Heritage Village this spring, summer or fall, to take in a game and experience base ball in 1869.

Sunday, April 24
at New Richmond

Sunday, May 1
New Rich. & Vevay

Saturday, May 14
at Blues Fest

2016 Schedule


The Cincinnati Buckeyes are getting ready for their 15th season of vintage base ball in 2016, which begins with the release of their 2016 schedule. The Buckeyes look to pick up where they left off in 2015, playing great base ball while having a lot of fun showing off the game as it was played in the 1860's.

The Buckeyes will be playing at some fine locations in 2016, including Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI, the Hermitage and the Carnton Plantation in Nashville, TN, and a return to a minor league field, UC Health Stadium, home of the Florence Freedom. But of course, the finest location of them all is our own home field, Dan Lyon Field in Heritage Village. Be sure to come out to Sharonville this Spring and Summer and watch your home teams play base ball as it was played in 1869, in a village full of buildings from that era.

The Buckeye's had one of their best seasons in 2015, but due to my schedule, none of it was reported on this site. However, I have taken a look back on the season, and a full recap of the 2015 season can be found HERE. I'll do my best to keep up this season on this site, but I would recommend you follow us on Facebook as well (it's a lot easier to update).

Please contact us below or through Facebook if you have interest in either playing base ball with the Buckeyes or perhaps officiating our games. Our roster is fairly full at the moment, but we never turn down the opportunity to meet a potential Buckeye player. If you are unable to play, like to be in a position of authority and exposure, and look dapper in tails and a tophat, we are especially in need of a regular umpire for home and occasional away games.

So please mark your calendar for Sunday, May 1, to catch the Buckeyes' home opener against the New Richmond Generals and Vevay White Stockings. The Buckeyes are looking to top one of their best seasons yet in 2016!


Article submitted March 6, 2016



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