Buckeyes Begin 2018 Season

Sunday, April 15 – The Cincinnati Buckeyes opened their 2018 campaign on the road in Dayton, OH, where they took part in the Roundhouse Rodeo event at Eastwood MetroPark, hosted by the Eastwood Iron Horses.  The event featured five teams (a sixth had dropped out due to the weather), and despite the cold and wet conditions, a lot of fun base ball was played.  The Buckeyes had the luck of the draw this day, securing the last two games of the day, when the weather happened to be the driest and their opponents – the Bluegrass Barons of Lexington, KY, and the Iron Horses – were well worn from a full day of base ball in some tough conditions.  The Columbus Buckeyes and Cincinnati Red Stockings were also part of the event.

The rain literally lifted right before the start of the Buckeyes’ first game, which was against the Barons, who were starting their fourth game of the day!  Nine early runs by the Cincinnati nine made an otherwise close game seem not so much.  The Buckeyes graciously tipped their caps to some hardy Kentucky men for giving them a good fun game despite some pretty exhausting circumstances. Buckeyes 13, Barons 4

The Buckeyes then took on their hosts for the day, the Eastwood Iron Horse, who were also starting their fourth game of the day!  The game proved much less an even contest, despite the Captain’s best efforts and the return of an icy mist.  It was a cold game, and the ball was really starting to sting the hands.  But a lot of fun was had on both sides… especially when it came time to eat!  Buckeyes 24, Iron Horses, not as much (an accurate score was not recorded)

For the Buckeye’s first visit to the “Railyard”, the Cincinnati nine were thoroughly impressed with Eastwood’s hospitality and pork-smoking, and we congratulate them on a fine day of base ball for all of those involved.  Huzzah to Eastwood!

• • • • • • • • •

NEXT UP… The Cincinnati Buckeyes travel north this Saturday to Columbus, OH, to face the Ohio Village Muffins at the Ohio History Connection.  Game times for the double-header are 1:00pm and 2:30pm.

PLAYERS WANTED… The Buckeyes still have openings for any player (male or female, young or old) who would like to join us in playing the grand sport of vintage base ball.  Simply contact us and find out how you can join the team.