Cincinnati Buckeyes


2019 Ohio Cup

August 31st, 2019 at TBD

The Cincinnati Buckeyes return once again to the largest annual vintage base ball event in the nation, the Ohio Cup, featuring dozens of teams and games over a full weekend of base ball history.  The Buckeyes will take on a couple of teams before facing their local rivals, the Red Stockings, on Muffin Meadow, in a truly historic event at the end of Saturday’s action…

For it was 150 years ago to the day when the original Cincinnati Red Stockings, during their famed 1869 season, defeated the mostly amateur Buckeye Base Ball Club of Cincinnati (our namesake) by the incredible score of 103-8.  It’s said that the 1869 game was to be a fund-raiser for the Buckeye club to stay in business, but the result may have had the opposite affect, as the Buckeyes went defunct within months after.  The 2019 “re-match” will be a highlighted game for the 2019 Ohio Cup and should prove to be far more competitive and entertaining as neither side has paid players!

Our schedule for the 2019 Ohio Cup:
11:00am – Buckeyes vs. St. Louis Maroons Mixed Nine on the Elysian Field
1:00pm – Buckeyes vs. Allegheny Ironsides on the Union Grounds
4:00pm – Buckeyes vs. 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings on Muffin Meadow

Many thanks to the Ohio Village Muffins for annually hosting the greatest vintage base ball event in the country, and even more so for allowing us to honor this once-in-a-lifetime anniversary at their event.  The 2019 Ohio Cup is held on the grounds of the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, OH, with three of the four fields located in the grass area by the highway, where games are free to attend.  The fourth/main field, Muffin Meadow in the Ohio Village, may require admission to enter… but frankly, it is worth it, even if there is.  Aside from the many games and teams are displays of actual base ball items, modern “vintage” equipment for sale, and food and refreshments.

Location Ohio History Connection
Address Columbus, OH,
Season Buckeyes 2019