Cincinnati Buckeyes


Indianapolis Blues

July 10th, 2021 at 2:00pm

The Cincinnati Buckeyes finally return home to Dan Lyon Field for a full weekend of base ball, first hosting the Blues of Indianapolis, IN, in the second game of a double-header of 1869 ball.

Base ball is FREE to watch inside Heritage Village Museum; however, a Hamilton Co. Parks parking pass/fee may be enforced, and admission is required to tour the Heritage Village buildings. Obnoxious or rude behavior, dogs or other pets, and smoking are strictly prohibited within Heritage Village and are subject for removal.  However, chairs or blankets, a good picnic and complimentary cheers for great plays are highly encouraged!  And until the pandemic is over with, we ask that you please exercise and respect 6′ social distancing practices while spectating.

Location Dan Lyon Field at Heritage Village Museum
Address Sharonville, OH,
Season Buckeyes 2021