Cincinnati Buckeyes


Cincinnati Red Stockings

October 1st, 2022 at 10:00am

The Cincinnati Buckeyes take on their friendly rivals, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, for the annual Trophy Ball Game and the bragging rights associated at Dan Lyon Field in Heritage Village Museum. The Red Stockings currently hold the Trophy Ball, won in 2020 and not contested in 2021 (due to COVID-related reasons), but the Buckeyes are eager to win it back.  It is a game to witness!

The game time has been changed from 12:00pm to 10:00am (by Club vote) and will be followed by a Club picnic for friends and family afterward.

Base ball is FREE to watch inside Heritage Village Museum; however, a Hamilton Co. Parks parking pass/fee may be enforced, and admission is required to tour the buildings inside Heritage Village. Obnoxious or rude behavior, dogs or other pets, and smoking are strictly prohibited within Heritage Village and are subject for removal.  However, chairs and blankets, a good picnic and enthusiastic cheers for great plays are highly encouraged!  And as this pandemic winds down, please continue to respect the space of other spectators.  Thank you!

Location Dan Lyon Field at Heritage Village Museum
Address Cincinnati, OH,
Season Buckeyes 2022