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Cincinnati Buckeyes & Cincinnati Buckeyes

April 11th, 2021 at 12:00pm

The Cincinnati Buckeyes will give this one last try… to kick off their 21st season of vintage 1869 base ball by taking the field against… themselves… and themselves again!

On Sunday, April 11, 2021, the Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club will host the Buckeye Bowl, which will feature a “Tri-Cornered” base ball match pitting THREE teams of Cincinnati Buckeyes – present, past & honorary – in a format once used by the three New York MLB teams (Yankees, Giants & Dodgers) to raise funds during WWII.  Picked schoolyard-style by our team’s three former captains – River City, Doc & Butta’ – the three teams will take turns each inning facing each other, all in Buckeye blue and white, in what will likely be the most confounding, yet entertaining, display of vintage base ball ever witnessed (especially considering who’s playing the game)!

While the event is open to public view and is a rare format even for a vintage base ball game… the main goal of the day is to reunite with past Buckeye teammates and some of our very best friends, and to show our appreciation to all of them for helping make the Buckeyes be so much more than just the Red Stockings’ farm-team.  It will be highly casual, highly entertaining, highly “Buckeye” and highly questionable in vintage-ness!

Base ball is FREE to watch inside Heritage Village Museum; however, a Hamilton Co. Parks parking pass/fee may be enforced, and admission is required to tour the Heritage Village buildings. Obnoxious or rude behavior, dogs or other pets, and smoking are strictly prohibited within Heritage Village and are subject for removal.  However, chairs or blankets, a good picnic and complimentary cheers for great plays are highly encouraged!  And until the pandemic is over with, we ask that you please exercise and respect 6′ social distancing practices while spectating.

Location Dan Lyon Field at Heritage Village Museum
Address Cincinnati, OH,
Season Buckeyes 2020