Cincinnati Buckeyes


2019 Heart of Vintage Base Ball Tournament

July 7th, 2019 at 10:00am

The Cincinnati Buckeyes return, with full complement, to the Heart of Vintage Base Ball Tournament, which is recognized by many as the regional tournament for Southwest Ohio, Southeast Indiana, and Kentucky vintage base ball teams, playing by 1869 rules.  And while the day, hosted by the Blackbottom 9, does end with a champion, the bigger highlight is the chance for all of our region’s teams to be at one event.  The Buckeyes have typically fared well, with one championship and a share in last year’s event, so if you are a fan of ours, please come out and root, root, root for the Buckeyes!

The event typically begins at 10:00am and goes well into the afternoon, as several rounds of games are played.  There is no admission to spectate the tournament, which is held at the soccer fields of Joyce Park, close to the Great Miami River.  If you plan to spend the day there, it’s encouraged that you bring some seating and refreshments.

Location Joyce Park
Address Hamilton, OH,
Season Buckeyes 2019