Scott “Horstradish” Horstmeier

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Scott joined the team in 2019 and proved a virtual lock for the Buckeyes’ Rookie-of-the-Year award, providing ROTY defense at ROTY positions while posting ROTY numbers at his difficult ROTY spot in the lineup.  When “Horstradish” isn’t burning up the base-paths, he is heating up the columns of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of… Read More

Sunday, July 21st

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The Cincinnati Buckeyes play host to long-time friends, the Wyandotte Ghostriders of Upper Sandusky, OH, for a pair of matches on Dan Lyon Field at Heritage Village Museum.

Sunday, June 9th

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The Red Stockings and Buckeyes have another classic showdown at the Old West Festival in Williamsburg, OH.  Admission required to view the game.

Sunday, May 19th

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The Cincinnati Buckeyes head west to take on their good friends, the Belle River Base Ball Club of Rising Sun, IN, in a game of 1869 base ball.  The game time has been pushed back to 2:00pm, and will be played on the Rising Sun High School base ball field (or the grass field behind… Read More

Saturday, September 28th at 12:00pm

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The Trophy Ball will be up-for-grabs as the defending champions, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, look to keep their prize and bragging rights over their friendly foes, the Cincinnati Buckeyes, for the annual game between the two rivals.  Last year’s game was a great one; it’s predicted this one will be no less exciting! Base ball… Read More

Saturday, September 21st at TBD

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The Cincinnati Buckeyes & Red Stockings travel west to meet their longtime friends, the Indianapolis Blues, for a series of vintage base ball games at League Stadium in Huntingburg, IN, which is home to the Rockford Peaches of “A League of Their Own”.  More details to come as the date approaches.

Sunday, September 15th

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The Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers of Tipp City, OH, host the Cincinnati Buckeyes for a pair of matches.

Saturday, August 31st

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The Cincinnati Buckeyes return once again to the largest annual vintage base ball event in the nation, the Ohio Cup, featuring dozens of teams and games over a full weekend of base ball history.  The Buckeyes will take on a couple of teams before facing their local rivals, the Red Stockings, on Muffin Meadow, in… Read More

Sunday, August 25th

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The Buckeyes & Red Stockings make their way north to Dayton to each take on the Clodbuster Base Ball Club for some early 1860’s “bound-rule” base ball in the shadow of the Carillon Tower.

Saturday, August 17th

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The Cincinnati Buckeyes (12:00pm) and Cincinnati Red Stockings (2:00pm) host the Monarchs of Moscow, OH, at Heritage Village for a double-header of authentic 1869 base ball. Base ball is FREE to watch inside Heritage Village (Hamilton Co. Parks parking pass/fee may be enforced, and admission is required to tour the Heritage Village buildings). Chairs, picnics… Read More